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Macon Industries Specializes in Diamond Core Drilling and Placer Mining Equipment Products

At Macon Industries, our team of designers and fabricators provide a wide range of professional-quality services. We have proven ourselves as innovators in the Diamond Core Drilling Exploration industry, as well as the Placer Mining industry.

We have been an integral part in the manufacturing of the Zinex Mining’s A5 Drill and work closely with Zinex Mining to produce a superior product that meets their high standards.

Some of our products have been shipped into the United States, Mexico, South America and as far away as Russia.

Specifically, we continuously exceed expectations with our Drill Shacks, Diamond Core Drilling Equipment, and our wide range of Placer Mining Equipment. Macon Industries Inc. is 100% Canadian-owned, operating on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

What Our Customers Say
Geotech Drilling Services Ltd has been working with Zinex and Macon since 2010, initially with the procurement of one A5 drill. Based upon success with the unit at two historically challenging drill sites, and the exemplary customer service provided from troubleshooting to limited timelines from Zinex/Macon’s staff, Geotech has expanded exponentially with the assistance of their team. Geotech currently has grown its drilling fleet to include 9 surface A5 drills, one U5 underground drill and one newly designed TRLS5 tracked drill working in environments ranging from extreme heat in the Sub-Sahara(West Africa) to extreme cold in the far North (Arctic Circle). Zinex/Macon continues to be collaborative, efficient and inventive with new concepts and equipment, and Geotech will endeavuor to continue its business into the future with their team.”
Ryan Samis,
Geotech Drilling
Prince George, BC