Yukon Placer Mining Trip

Yukon Placer Mining Adventure

Traveling to the Yukon with some Cargo

Our team recently made the trip up to the Yukon from Vancouver Island this fall. The plan was to visit some of our wash plants but it also just so happened that one of our planned site visit’s also needed an excavator part so we loaded up with the part from our friends at Leemar for this rush delivery and hit the road. 

Quick pit stop to stretch our legs nearing the halfway mark on our journey
Made it into the Yukon with the excavator part in the back

Taking in the Sights

We had the opportunity to make a quick pit stop for some good coffee from our friends at Jade City

Visiting our Wash Plants

Our SD-400 after another successful season
three macon SD600’s wash plants working together processing close to 1000 tons/hr

Clean up Wash Plants

The Macon Industries Inc. T-150 is a clean up plant capable of dealing with small tests to cleaning out large amounts of concentrate. The T-150 is designed specifically for reducing large volumes of concentrate to a manageable amount in only minutes. The T-150 processes 1,000 – 2,000lbs of material in 30-60 mins and will turn it into 1-2 Litres of concentrate. The unique design also gives you the ability to capture very accurate results when testing placer gravels.

Jeff checking up on this T-150 after a busy season














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