Grizzly Feeder Development: Consistently Feeding the Placer Mining Industry

The placer mining industry is in a state of constant evolution, with new challenges and demands arising on a regular basis. Among the areas experiencing remarkable innovation, placer mining stands out, and at the cutting edge of this transformation is the Grizzly Feeder GF 4236, a creation by Macon Industries. In this blog post, we will explore the origin of this industry specific equipment design, its distinctive attributes, and the advantages it delivers to placer mining operations.

The Need for Innovation

Placer mining, particularly in alluvial terrains, poses unique challenges that demand specialized equipment. Until recently, there was an absence of a grizzly feeder specifically designed for placer mining on the market. Recognizing this gap, Macon Industries embarked on a mission to create a superior machine that could withstand the rugged terrain and rigorous demands of alluvial mining.

A Customer-Driven Initiative

The making of the Grizzly Feeder GF 4236 was due to the request of a repeat customer.  This customer, armed with extensive knowledge and experience in the aggregate industry, approached Macon with a clear vision of what was needed to enhance efficiency and productivity in placer mining.

Designing for Success

The first crucial step was to commit to developing a unique design, tailored to the mining industry’s specific requirements. This design incorporated key features such as high-quality conveyor components, an AR steel-lined hopper, and extra-thick conveyor belts. These features are all aimed at minimizing breakdowns and maintenance requirements. Macon Industries ensured that every step of the process, from design and fabrication to assembly, shipping, and commissioning, was meticulously executed by their in-house team.

Compatibility for Enhanced Performance

The Grizzly Feeder GF 4236 is constructed to complement Macon’s wash plants seamlessly. Its design synergy ensures that both the feeder and the wash plant work harmoniously, optimizing efficiency and productivity on mine sites. One standout feature of the GF 4236 is its compatibility with the same generator used in Macon’s SD-500 and SD-600 models. This compatibility not only minimizes extra fuel consumption but also ensures a consistent feed rate, resulting in increased throughput and improved gold recovery.

Built for Rugged Terrain

The Grizzly Feeder GF 4236 is built to endure the harshest mine site conditions. Its robust framework and skid design allow for easy maneuvering by heavy equipment, ensuring it can traverse even the roughest terrain with ease. Flexibility is key in mining, and the GF 4236 offers just that. With adjustable grizzly bars, operators have the freedom to fine-tune the initial oversize discharge according to the specific needs of their projects.

Unrivalled Durability and Efficiency

What sets the GF 4236 apart from other aggregate equipment is its heavy-duty construction and steeper side walls. These features not only enhance durability but also contribute to improved performance on the field. The Grizzly Feeder GF 4236 is designed for practicality. It comes standard with a feeder and inclined conveyor, all mounted on a single skid for easy maneuverability and positioning. With its capacious 20 cubic yard hopper, it significantly reduces machine downtime, allowing simultaneous handling of tailings while material is being fed into the wash plant.


Macon Industries’ Grizzly Feeder GF 4236 represents a leap forward in placer mining equipment. Its development was driven by a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by placer mining operations. With its rugged design, compatibility with Macon’s wash plants, and a suite of features aimed at optimizing performance, this grizzly feeder is poised to help miners enhance efficiency, productivity, and gold recovery on mine sites around the globe.


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