Suction Screens

Suction Screens
Heavy-duty suction screens to reduce risk of bottom-feeding off of your intake pond.

We offer a wide range of sizes and capacities, custom built one at a time and tailored to the needs of individual customers.

  • Typically used to protect the pump suction from debris intake, when either transferring make-up water or recirculating pond water (i.e. water supply to wash plant) 
  • Compatible with most industrial pumps between 6” to 10” and rated for 1,000-4,000 USGPM flow (200-1,000 m3/h) 
  • Floating suctions screens come with 6” or 10” suction flange connection 
  • Optional with built-in foot valve (for non-self-priming pumps) or without foot valve (for self-priming pumps) 
  • The standard outer screen is ¾” mesh size and the inner screen is ½” mesh. 
  • DFO compliant customization available