Meet the Macon Industries Team

At Macon Industries, our team of designers and fabricators provide a wide range of professional-quality services. Located on Vancouver Island, BC, Macon Industries is a worldwide supplier and creator of diamond core drilling products and gold mining equipment.

who we are

We believe that quality exploration and mining equipment should always perform at its best and deliver exceptional results in any environment.

what makes us different

We guarantee that our uniquely designed equipment can get the job done and save your team valuable time throughout the season. Macon Industries is a team of highly experienced professionals that you can rely on to provide you with mechanical and technical support throughout your machine’s lifetime.


Macon Industries is led by a talented team of designers, mechanics and fabricators dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the diamond drilling exploration industry and the gold mining industry.

Matt Conley
Sales Manager
Chris Sutton
Operations Manager
Ben Marks
Fabrication Manager
Jeff Turnell
Mining Sales Coordinator
James Patterson
Drilling Sales Coordinator
Mike Hamilton
Project Manager
Jonas Boehnke
Technical Sales
Phil Galvin
Material Processing Sales Lead
Callan Ceriani
Design & Project Coordinator
Steve Jordan
Design Coordinator
Steven Knowles
Design Technician
Rydr Strobl
Design Technician
Owen Martin
Design Technician
Adam Penner
Design Technician
Jake Greenwood
Design Technician
Min Zhou
Head of Accounting
Abbey Michelau
Marketing Coordinator
Brittany Neden
Project & Logistics Coordinator
Dominic Hickman
Junior Accountant
Janet Gilmour
Accounting Assistant
Sophie Palmer
Accounting and Admin Assistant
Crystal Howden
Administrative & Human Resources Coordinator
Joah Erickson
Project Coordinator/Assembly Technician
Ben Munger
Chase Collison
Assembly Technician
Glenn Frank
Shipping & Receiving
Clayton Doucette
Fabrication Shop Foreman
Brett Watson
Fabrication Shop Foreman
Ryder Kasprick
Processing Shop Foreman
Steve Triebner
Dave Mellings
Dave Elford
Nure Zancetta
Equipment Operator
Lorne Lougheed
Quinn Ludwar
Devin Francis
Fabricator / Estimator
Darren Everett
Part Processing & Industrial Coating Application
Dave Martyn
Equipment Operator
Garth Webber
Equipment Operator
Jeff Fultz
Travis Volk
Hailey Weremi
Charles Keeler